Aeration & Seeding in Milford

A summer of hot weather and foot traffic will ruin even the greenest lawns. Aeration and seeding in Milford will not only make your lawn look beautiful, but it will make it healthier for the months to come. What’s more, these services aren’t just for lawns where brown patches are popping up.  Aeration and seeding will benefit any lawn and will help your grass survive the harsh winter.

Give Your Lawn a Breath of Fresh Air

The summer sun bakes the soil of your yard until it is hard and compacted. When this happens, the nutrients your lawn needs to be healthy can’t get to the roots of your grass. Aeration solves this problem by removing hundreds of small plugs of soil across your lawn, allowing it a breath of fresh air. These small holes will:

  • Reduce thatch buildup.
  • Relieve soil compaction.
  • Allow water, fertilizer, air, and nutrients easy access to the roots of your grass.
  • Enhance the heat and drought stress tolerance of your lawn.
  • Let your lawn breathe after a hot summer!

Overseeding Promotes Fresh Growth

Aeration will help improve the health of your lawn, and overseeding will add new, lush grass to your yard. Our expert technicians will seed your lawn with our 99.9% weed-free seed to promote new, fresh growth throughout your yard. The brown patches will be replaced by thick, beautiful grass and make your lawn vibrant again. Our aeration and overseeding services will completely revitalize your lawn!

Expert Technicians Create Beautiful Lawns

We want our customers to know they’re in good hands, and that’s why we only employ the best technicians in the area. When you partner with us for aeration and seeding in Milford, our technicians will improve the health of your lawn, and you give you peace of mind knowing that our lawn experts are committed to making your grass thrive again. 

Does your lawn need a breath of fresh air?

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