Aeration & Seeding in Annandale

Here at Lawn Tech, we’ve been making lawns in New Jersey vibrant for over 30 years. We know how well aeration and seeding works, and our expert technicians can make even the toughest lawns vibrant and lush. But aeration and seeding in Annandale isn’t just for lawns that need to be revitalized - it will also help your lawn stay healthy all season long. When we use an aerator on your lawn, we will remove hundreds of small plugs of soil throughout your yard. Then we overseed your lawn in order to encourage new growth. The result is a beautiful, healthy carpet of green grass.

Rejuvenate Your Lawn

Summer may be a lot of fun - backyard parties, water games, and more - but it can be tough on your lawn. The summer sun compacts the soil, making it hard for air, fertilizer, nutrients, and even water to get to the roots of your grass. Aeration is typically done in the fall in order to help lawns recuperate from harsh summers. It is a very simple process, but it can be the difference of life and death for your grass. Our aeration process will:

  • Loosen compacted soil.
  • Allow water, oxygen, nutrients, and fertilizer to have easy access to the roots of your grass.
  • Enhance the heat and drought stress tolerance for your grass.
  • Give you stronger, healthier roots.
  • Provide a healthy lawn from the fall through the spring.

Overseeding Will Get Rid of Bald Patches

While aeration gives your lawn some breathing room, overseeding will fill in bald patches and encourage new growth. Our expert technicians use only the best 99.9% weed-free seeds when we overseed, so you won’t have to worry about weeds growing in with your new, lush grass.

Let your lawn breathe again!

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