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Don't Let Ticks and Fleas Keep You Indoors!...

Who doesn’t love to spend time outdoors? Unfortunately, there are a few harmful insects native to Flemington that may concern you - insects like ticks and fleas. We offer comprehensive tick and flea control treatments in Flemington so you enjoy your outdoor space again!

Quality Service

We use the best products in the industry and employ professional technicians to give you the best results possible!

Timely Treatments

We understand convenience is important for you. Our applications are done at the right time for maximum effectiveness!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service. We'll retreat free of charge if you are not completely satisfied.

My lawn has never looked so good.  I fought ground ivy for years on my own and kept loosing the battle.  Lawn Tech got rid of all with their very first visit.


Tick & Flea Control in Flemington

Ticks and fleas aren’t just a bother. Did you know that they can also carry diseases that can be transferred to humans? Lyme disease is a major concern for people all over New Jersey. Our tick and flea control treatments in Flemington can help to reduce your tick and flea populations in a hurry, so you have fewer biting bugs to worry about.

Get Relief with Our Treatment Program

When it comes to eliminating ticks and fleas, treating your lawn once isn’t enough. These insects are resilient, and to get relief, you need effective treatments that are even tougher. Our comprehensive treatment will keep ticks and fleas at bay! We will treat your home during the peak seasons for ticks and fleas, with recurring treatments in:

  • Early spring
  • Late Spring
  • Summer
  • Early fall

Receive the Best Results with Our Licensed Technicians

Ticks and fleas are dangerous insects. To keep your family safe, you need highly trained and licensed technicians that can get the job done right every single time. Our experts operate under an active New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection license and are seasoned experts in tick and flea control, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are in good hands.

Are you ready to tell ticks and fleas to hit the road?

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