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Why You Should Aerate Your Lawn This Fall

Core aeration

While summer is fun for the whole family, it can be detrimental to the health of your lawn. We’ve had another hot summer here in New Jersey, and it’s been taking a toll on lawns throughout the entire state. As professionals that have been caring for lawns across New Jersey for over 30 years, we wanted to let you know how to rejuvenate your yard after a harsh summer, and why this is such an important step in lawn care. Only through aeration can you revitalize your lawn back to its full vibrancy after it basked under the sun during the hot summer months.

What is aeration?

Aeration is a process that removes hundreds of finger-sized plugs of soil all across your yard. The holes that are created allow water, nutrients, and air to reach deep into the roots of your grass, creating a healthier, stronger lawn. 

Why is aeration important?

When the sun beats down on your lawn, the soil gets compacted and this makes it difficult for the roots of your grass to get what it needs in order to be healthy and thrive. Sometimes soil can get so compacted that water just slides over it rather than getting absorbed. Aeration de-compacts the soil and makes it so your lawn is able to get a breath of fresh air - literally! 

How aeration works and the benefits it brings:

  • Small holes in your soil loosen the dirt so it’s no longer compact.
  • These holes make it so oxygen, water, fertilizer, and nutrients have easy access to the roots of your grass.
  • When your grass has easy access to nutrients, the roots will grow deeper into the soil.
  • Deep roots help your lawn stay healthy because they’ll be able to withstand hot and cold temperatures.
  • The deeper the roots grow in the fall, the more nutrients your lawn will have in the spring.

Should your lawn be aerated?

Lawns with green grass beginning to fade to brown are the lawns that need to be aerated the most. However, the truth is that ALL lawns benefit from aeration, not just those that are visibly suffering from the summer sun. Even if your lawn hasn’t wilted this summer, the roots might not be strong enough to survive the winter. 

Why is aeration done in the fall?

September and October are the best months to aerate your soil.  Aerating in the fall will give your lawn's roots the boost they need in order to recuperate from a hot summer and prepare for a thriving spring!

Ready to give your lawn some TLC?

Aeration is a very effective process that helps your lawn revitalize from the heat, survive through the harsh winter, and be ready to blossom in the spring. In New Jersey, lawn aeration should be a step that is never skipped if you want to consistently have a gorgeous, healthy lawn year-round. At Lawn Tech, we offer professional aeration and seeding services that will give your lawn the boost it needs! 

So, what are you waiting for?

Learn more about our aeration services today!