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Simple Ways to Spruce Up Your Lawn this Spring

After a cold, snowy New Jersey winter and early spring, your lawn could use a revival. No matter how brown or imperfect your lawn appears right now, some extra care and attention this season will have your lawn looking beautiful in no time! A little TLC in the spring goes a long way in the summer. Here are five easy ways to spruce up your lawn this spring after a tired winter:

1. Clean Up Lawn Debris

A simple way to quickly spruce up your yard is to rake up and clear any dead leaves, branches, or debris.

2. Fertilize

Feeding your grass the proper nutrients and minerals is as important as it sounds. After a harsh winter, fertilizer is the perfect way to give your lawn the energy it needs to grow lush and green in upcoming months. Different grass varieties require different fertilizers, so make sure you spread what best suits your lawn. Not sure what your specific lawn needs? The professionals at Lawn Tech can help!

3. Apply Crabgrass Pre-emergent

Prevent crabgrass in the spring from emerging later in summer.  This soil barrier prevents crabgrass seeds from emerging and taking over your lawn in the summer.

4. Treat Lawn Weeds

Apply broadleaf weed control for spring weeds such as dandelion, chickweed, henbit, wild onion, ground ivy and wild violet to give your lawn space to thicken up.

5. Identify Snow Mold

If you have brown, matted down, dead patches, you might be experiencing snow mold. This type of lawn disease is a fungus that attacks the grass after snow melts on your lawn. Provoked by excessive moisture and decaying matter, these patches could cause damage to your lawn. Luckily, with proper mowing, fertilization, and a little help from your local lawn care company, your lawn will be snow-mold-free in no time!

Let Lawn Tech Give You A Lush Lawn!

Ready to enjoy a beautiful and healthy lawn this season? Lawn care is no easy task and achieving a lush and green lawn takes hard work. If you have lawn care questions or are searching for a local lawn care expert in New Jersey, Lawn Tech is here to help!

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