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How to Prevent Lawn Grubs

Lawn Grub

A grub infestation can completely devastate your lawn.  It is important to prevent grubs from damaging the roots of your lawn.  Check out our tips below to keep your lawn healthy & green this season!

What Exactly Are Lawn Grubs?

Lawn grubs, also known as white grubs, are the larvae of many different species of beetles. If you see beetles on or around your trees, shrubs or flowers, there is a good chance you may have a grub problem later in the summer or fall.  These destructive lawn pests are white and in the shape of a ‘C’, that feed on the roots of your grass, causing serious damage. Grub damage is most commonly noticed late August through October, when your grass roots have been eaten away.

Common Symptoms of Lawn Grubs

It is common for lawn grubs to be blamed for other forms of lawn damage.  If your turf looks abnormal and you’re not quite sure why, let the experts here at Lawn Tech diagnose the issue and come up with a customized solution to restore your grass back to health! 

Signs of grub damage in your lawn during late summer through fall include: 

  • Dead turf
  • Brown patches
  • Easy to pull grass 
  • Damage from skunks and birds in search for these grubs

How to Prevent Grub Damage

It is more cost effective to control grubs by preventatively treating your lawn.  We have been treating the lawns of New Jersey homeowners for over 30 years.  Our preventative grub control application, typically applied by early August, will protect your turf from grub damage, guaranteed!

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